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Tom Semmes

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Painting allows me to see the world with a fresh eye and find beauty hidden in familiar surroundings. My hope is that viewers will also share in that discovery.

As a teenager, I was inspired by the scenery that surrounded my rural Maryland home and its light and changing seasons When my visual world was mirrored in artwork I saw in books and museums, I was determined to learn to paint.

My art is grounded in an appreciation of the traditions of representational painting and close observation of the

landscape, figure, and still life. It is important to me that my work works on the abstract level of line, color, and form creates a harmony of color and composition. I use an application of rich color and expressive brushstrokes that creates a cohesive visual experience.

 I am currently a copyist at the National Gallery of Art, which I have found to sharpen my technique and my understanding of the masters.