Copy of Raphael Santi's  "Bindo Altovitti"

Copy of Raphael Santi's "Bindo Altovitti"

Tanya Roland

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I'm very fond of doing portraits, recently using the combination of collage and oil. I’ve done a lot of work in gouache over time as it is easy to use during travel, which I did extensively for many years around the world. I'm partial also to doing interiors, and the struggle and challenge of landscape as well. 

As a long term meditation and yoga practitioner and teacher I like to use painting as a practice in awareness - allowing the “self/mind” to give way to something more spacial and immediate. Trusting what wells up from the depths and breadths of the inside is sort of a foundation for movement toward an unfolding that feels rather authentic

I’ve showed some, taught some, and just continue the journey, learning, making choices, appreciating the beauty in translating perception and expression onto and into the second dimension. Presence with ‘seeing’ allows for fewer obscurations in the translation - hopefully!

Studying the masters at the National Gallery of Art by copying them is an intimate and heightened exercise of discovery, challenge, learning, and deepening of appreciation and skill. The masters in the museum are the best painting teachers I’ve had yet by far.