Copy of Jean-Honore Fragonard's  "Young Girl Reading"

Copy of Jean-Honore Fragonard's "Young Girl Reading"

PamELA Jarrett

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Pam is best known for her portraits, still lifes and vanitas.  Her career as an artist began in New York as a decorative painter, but her desire for knowledge and adventure led her to Italy.  She studied the Masters at a small school in Florence and remained in Tuscany for six years developing her craft.

She is a studio painter, trained to work in a darkened room with a single, northern light source.  The colors achieved by this technique yield lush tones in her work.  It is Pam's belief the spirit of a person or object is best realized from actual life settings rather than from photographs.

Pam is currently specializing in vanitas, a genre of still life painting dating back to antiquity. The vanitas is a portrait depicting the person through the presentation of various object and symbols.  It is an homage.

A skull or snuffed out candle is often in the work to represent mortality and the transient nature of the material life.

As a member of the Copyists Program at the National Gallery of Art, Pam augments her skills by recreating the likes of Turner, Rembrandt and Degas.  You can view her works at Sterling & Burke, Ltd, Georgetown, Washington, DC.