Copy of Frederic Bazille's  "Young Woman with Peonies"

Copy of Frederic Bazille's "Young Woman with Peonies"


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Bruce Ignatius Campbell (BIC) is an active professional fine artist and visual arts instructor.  A native Washingtonian, Campbell began his art journey at an early age with art study and earning a Bachelors in Studio Art at UMD.  He perfects his talent from his home studio, "Atelier BIC" based in Silver Spring, MD.

Campbell is strongly influenced by traditional realism.  He has participated in the copyist program at the National Gallery of Art (NGA) for two decades and has completed over two dozen original replicas from the NGA's collection.  Bruce has focused on oil painting the last 30 years.  His original and copy portfolio unites epic, genre, figure, portrait, land-seascape, and still life works.

Campbell is faculty member at the Stone Branch School of Art in Rockville, MD.  He offers private lessons at his Atelier BIC studio and through workshops.  Bruce is a mentor for the Riverdale Park Arts Council's Annual Gerald King Award competition with 1 on 1 tutelage to the winning art apprentice.  He directs weekly figure drawing at the late King's legacy studio "Atelier Royal" in Riverdale, MD all designed to share drawing-based fine art.   His passion and effective teaching style have made Bruce a beloved teacher to many student artists.

Campbell is a member of the National Portrait Society and Oil Painters of America among other local art groups. Bruce's art exhibitions can be found throughout the DC Metro area where he has received multiple awards and recognition for his masterful classical style.  His recent displays include competitions and solo shows.