Copy of John Singer Sargent's  Margaret Stuyvesant Rutherford White

Copy of John Singer Sargent's Margaret Stuyvesant Rutherford White

Maria Bennett Hock

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Maria Bennett Hock uses figures and portrait to paint concept pieces depicting specific moments in life that transcend social boundaries. A cursory glance will let you see the picture but not the story; these pieces are to be read. Success is initiating a resonance in the viewer.

Her work has been shown at numerous galleries to include shows in Dupont Circle, Washington DC, Alexandria, Virginia, Solomon’s Island, Maryland, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sedona, Arizona, Charleston, SC, Costa Mesa, California, and the Waterworks Art Museum in Miles City, Montana.

Maria works at her home studio/gallery either working from life or setting up a photo shoot for source material. She is a copyist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Along with commissions and gallery

exhibits, Maria is a member of the Portrait Society of America and Oil Painters of America. She actively blogs about her work showing works in progress and explaining her process and the stories her paintings tell

“My days are filled with conceptualizing, defining, and realizing concepts. Seeing an idea come to life in a way that can communicate that idea to the viewer is what drives me. I love what I do. I love my life.”