Copy of John Singer Sargent’s Marie Buloz Pailleron (Madame Edouard Pailleron)

Copy of John Singer Sargent’s Marie Buloz Pailleron (Madame Edouard Pailleron)

Lillian Poppo-Mason

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My life's journey as an artist has been loaded with numerous twists and turns. I earned my degree in graphic design and illustration, and worked as a Graphic Artist for the US Military/Morale, Welfare and Recreation in Germany.

When my husband and I started a family, we came to the conclusion that I would be taking time off to raise our family. This decision effectively put my career on hold for 20 years. When my small, needy brood began to grow I had to reevaluate my caregiving role. This brought me back to the feelings of joy I experienced in the past, creating illustrations and fine art.

Art is something I love, almost as much as my family. That is why I crept back into my field of work.  I have been fortunate to study with some of the most talented artists today! I am apprenticing with Ted Reed and I take classes with Danni Dawson, Dan Thompson, Christine Lashley, Darren Kingsley and Daniel Gerhartz just to name a few!

My painting style is what I consider abstract realism.  As a Copyist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the works of Franz Hals,

Rembrandt and Sargent compel me to attempt the mastery they possess to capture light. I love to capture and paint the effects of light on any object. I feel like this is my calling. I think the pure joy of creating, with like-minded individuals, brings renewed purpose to my life — it is a journey, that when paired with the right people, can be full of learning, encouragement and fulfillment. “Oh, the places you will go!” As Dr. Seuss once said!