Copy of  John Singer Sargent's  “Miss Beatrice Townsend”

Copy of John Singer Sargent's “Miss Beatrice Townsend”

Amelia Cheuk

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Amelia did her training under the instructions of the world-renowned painter, the late Larry Gluck.  Subsequently, she became an instructor at the Art School Gluck founded in Los Angeles called Mission: Renaissance.  Its mission is to train people with or without native abilities to paint fine representational paintings.  It believes that painting talent is not necessarily born with, but it is a skill which can be acquired from right instruction.  The mission has been achieving its goal and has trained thousands of people to paint well.  She is proud of having been one of the instructors in this mission.  In 2009, Amelia relocated from Los Angeles to Northern Virginia.  Being in close proximity to National Gallery of Art, she enjoys the chance of being able to regularly paint at the museum, copying directly from the original master paintings.